Available Courses

Theological Languages 
  TL 02.a-c New Testament Greek Summary
  TL 02.d Greek Readings Summary
Old Testament 
  OT 02 Introduction to the Torah Summary
  OT 03 Introduction to the Prophets Summary
  OT 05 Pentateuchal Writing [Exodus 1-15] Summary
  OT 08 Old Testament Elective [Genesis] Summary
New Testament 
  NT 04 Synoptic Gospels Summary
  NT 05 Pauline Epistles Summary
  NT 06 Johannine Literature Summary
Historical Theology 
  HT 01 Early Church Summary
  HT 03.a Continental Reformation Summary
  HT 03.b English Reformation Summary
  HT 04 Readings in Luther Summary
  HT 07 Historical Theology Elective [History of Christian Biography/History of Christian Thought] Summary
Systematic Theology 
  ST 02.a Lutheran Confessions I [Creeds and Catechisms] Summary
  ST 02.c Lutheran Confessions III [The Smalcald Articles, Treatise & Formula of Concord] Summary
  ST 03.b Dogmatics II Summary
  ST 03.c Dogmatics III Summary
  ST 04.a Philosophy of Religion I Summary
  ST 05 Christian Ethics Summary
  ST 07.a World Religions I: Islam Summary
  ST 08 Systematics Elective [Study and Research in Psychology and Religion] Summary
  ST 08 Systematics Elective [World Religions] Summary
Practical Theology 
  PT 02 Pastoral Practice Summary
  PT 04 Christian Education Summary
  PT 05.b Homiletics II Summary
  PT 06.a,b,c Pericope Seminar Summary
  PT 07 Field Work Summary
  PT 08 Independent Study [Ministry to the Sick and Dying] Summary
Distance Learning 

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